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Binding services

When it comes to your space, you might not want to put carpet through your whole house. What do you do if you want the plush look and feel of carpet but not everywhere? You can look into having a custom rug made for your space. Pick the color of carpet that you want, the style and texture of the carpet, and have it made into a rug that will work in any room of your house or business space.

- Create custom rugs

- Fully bound area rugs

- Custom runners

- Residential binding

- Commercial binding

You want a home or work that has a style that works for your needs and this is especially true when it comes to the flooring used in these places. We have worked with interior designers and decorators throughout the tri-state area to select flooring. Whether you need residential flooring or commercial flooring, you will find it among our large selection of flooring choices.

Over 60 years of experience in the flooring industry.


Work with professionals to design your flooring

Customize a rug for your space

Binding services include:

Very personalized service is always offered by our family run business that has had 4 generations participate in the business.